Spotting Platypuses in Maleny

The Platypus has a reputation of being an elusive creature that only appears at dawn and dusk. Join us for a walk on the wild side as we follow the Obi Obi Creek through Maleny and seek out this incredibly unique animal in the Australian wilderness. 

Inception of Platypus Whispers

A little over two years ago my life changed. I was 62 and the job I had been enjoying for the last 15 years ceased to be an option. As the saying goes “when one door closes another one opens.”


On the 28th of November 2020, Platypus Whispers Guided Tours was born. In starting the company, I have endeavoured to ensure that my tours are accessible for all. The difficulty rating of the walk should be considered as “2” with accessibility for most types of wheelchairs or walking aids.

Photography Opportunities

With over ten years spent photographing these incredible creatures, let me introduce you to their world, their habits and possibly dispel some urban myths.


Tours to date have had a success rate of nearly 95%, with sightings of not only the Platypus but a variety of wildlife including, Rakali, Eastern Water Dragons, and Long Finned Eel to name but a few.

Get The Cameras Out!

Throw into the mix many of the nearly 180 birds that inhabit or visit the area and our three-hour walk, there tour will be filled with something for everyone. So don’t hesitate to bring along a camera and any lenses you have in your inventory, our tour roadmap does not require any bushwalking experience nor does it consist of steep hills or rocky avenues.

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What to Expect From the Tour

If you ever venture into the outdoors of Maleny and through the Obi Obi Creek, I am sure to leave an impression and a memorable experience of what Maleny awaits to offer you and the rare opportunity to watch and observe the one of a kind animal native to Australia.

Breathtaking Locations icon

Breathtaking Locations

Maleny welcomes you to its surrounding hinterlands and subtropical environment with so much more to be explored.

Local Expert Knowledge icon

Local Expert Knowledge

As a local resident of the area, I know the place back to front and all of the nooks and crannies. Happy to educate and share knowledge of what Maleny offers and anything about Platypuses.

Passionate Tour Guide icon

Passionate Tour Guide

Since November 2020, I take great care in promoting the region and sharing my knowledge with you, to give that lasting impression.

Follow us for Updates

Platypus Whispers operates on both Facebook and Instagram. Over there you can subscribe to receive consistent updates of our journeys and a curation of photography work organised on the walks. The guarantee to have a fun-filled outing is backed up with testimonials as well.  Spread the word to help educate people about our native icon and drop in a message for any queries you have!