Guided Walking Tours in Maleny

I have committed to four days of the week to offer morning and evening walk with a capped size of six people per trip. However, I will be sure to provide a pleasurable experience throughout our tour and happily showcase what the wilderness of the Maleny area offers us and have firsthand experience of witnessing platypuses in their natural habitats.


Please be mindful of the weather conditions and requirements highlighted below

Beginning The Journey

We will meet inside the main gate of the Maleny Showgrounds where I would recommend that all walkers be prepared for the conditions.


The walk will be approximately 3 kilometres long and take up to 3 hours to complete, most of the paths we will follow are flat with the occasional lump or bump. Therefore, sensible walking shoes or boots are highly recommended for good comfort and protection.


While on the walk we will interact with several people, please be considerate of their needs and stick together as a group. There are toilet facilities available in a couple of places along the route as well. 

Adjusting to Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in Maleny can change quite considerably over the course of 3 hours. A lightweight all-weather jacket should be considered.


There is little shelter from the sun once we reach the Maleny Precinct, so a hat and sunscreen are highly recommended.


There are very few places to access water on the walk so it would be ideal to have a bottle of water as it will come in handy.

Joining Our Walks

Walks will be for approximately 3 hours with starting times varying dependent on the season. I will endeavour to notify all participants in advance of any cancellation due to weather or other reasons.


Availability of days are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, other days available on request. 


PLEASE NOTE: Maximum 6 people per tour
COST: $75 Per Person


Children Under 12 - Accompanied by a parent is FREE




Use of insect repellent is also recommended, especially for the morning walks.

Our Tours

Facts About Platypuses

The platypus is one of the most unique and exotic creatures in the world. It is an animal like no other and of course it is only native to Australia. A paddle-shaped tail like a beaver, but sleek and furry like an otter, but has a flat bill and webbed feet like a duck. Here are some more interesting facts about the elusive platypus:

Venomous icon

They're Venomous 

Male platypuses have a hollow spur in each hind leg and can be lethal, but thankfully no recorded deaths!

Electronic Pulses icon

Share Traits With a Shark

They both use electronic pulses to detect underwater prey and locate objects in the darkest depths.

Egg icon

They Lay Eggs

Although they are mammals, they are one of 5 monotreme species left in existence that actually lay eggs

Protected Species

As cited by WWF Australia, prolonged droughts, bushfires, climate change and land clearings have impacted their habits by an enormous extent and severely decreased their population.

They are ever so rare but not endangered, however they’re currently protected by legislation in all of Australia’s Eastern States.