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Explore Neil’s latest photography work through the adventures along the Obi Obi Creek. He has been photographing platypuses for the last 10 years and you will have the chance to share the experience with him of capturing the perfect moments you will come across on the tour!
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Testimonials by Patrons

There has been much positive feedback and it is with my absolute pleasure to host and have everyone enjoy as much as I do, exploring the Obi Obi Creek and appreciating what nature and the wildlife offers us.

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“Neil was our lovely tour guide. He knew all the best spots to spot them. We even saw some different animals on tour, beautiful birds, spiders and even a red belly black snake.

I have recommended him to friends. And are keen to come back and see if now we know what to look for if we can spot them without Neil's expert eyes. Thanks for a great tour, Neil.”

Jes 07/03/2022

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“We just finished a tour with Neil - what a wonderful, friendly guide he is! So much knowledge gained by over a decade of observation and photographing of these gorgeous creatures. We were so blessed to see 2 platypus at the Beersheba platform - they swam and dived and climbed on a log and scratched! What a wonderful display of God's amazing creation! Thank you, Neil!”

RobynNkees 06/12/2021

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“Neil's dedication to learning about platypus goes way beyond a normal person. He's up at dawn to see them, knows everyone in our vicinity by sight, stands in the cold to get the perfect shot and his passion is in every photo he shares with our community. He's given us a gift and I'd love to see that recognised. All hail, Platypus Whisperer.”

Deborah 13/12/2019